My passion for baking was inspired by my Mother , Grandmothers and Aunts. Having an extended family that shared recipes made baking fun !
We could whip up a batch of anything in 15 minutes.

It all began when I was attending culinary school. For a project, I was asked to make a dessert for a cafe, something simple that would go with a gourmet sandwich. I brought the brownies to a friend's party to try the recipe out. To say the reaction was positive would be an understatement! It was unbelievable, people went crazy over them! That's when I began to sell them locally. Since then, the business has kept growing and as they say, the rest is brownie history.

My brownies are made in my home, just like Mom would make them. I bake in small batches which insures the highest level of quality.My kitchen is fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.. I am insured by the Peerless Insurance Company since 2004.

Before I started Emily's brownies I researched a lot. Sampling many different local retailers and mail order companies. I learned that there were not a lot of quality brownies out there. That's when I went to work perfecting my recipe.I guarantee that you have never had a brownie quite as addictive as mine.Even people who are not chocoholics have said that they love my brownies.



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